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A Parent's Guide to Choosing the Right College in Dubai

Posted by CFD Team on Jan 18, 2017 12:00:00 PM

shutterstock_314417579.jpgChoosing the right college in Dubai will take careful thought for parents, so it helps to keep your search in perspective. If your child wants to study the art of style, the College of Fashion & Design (CFD) wants all parents to know what to look for in a school. The process to choose the right college in Dubai can get complicated quickly, especially when site visits, brochures and websites start to run together. Keep these tips in mind so you can efficiently narrow your options down to the perfect college.

Keep a Log of Information

No matter how good your memory is, you're bound to forget some details as you rack up a certain amount of schools along the way. Having a spreadsheet or journal can help you track it all as your child starts their first step toward a diploma in fashion and design. While other schools offer fashion courses, CFD is the only fashion college in the city. You should start your search with the accredited colleges in Dubai, and understand how students are placed in their chosen career paths. You should also research the student support services each one offers, and the assistance given when it comes to obtaining their visas.

First Impressions Matter

To choose the right college in Dubai, students need to listen to themselves, and parents need to aware of warning signs from early on. When it comes to fashion schools in Dubai, the facilities need to be top notch, and the teachers need to be established in their field. Everyone at the college should have a solid understanding of where fashion is now versus where it's headed. Students will need to be prepared when they head out to find their first job, and not every school will give them the necessary skills to give them an edge over the competition. When parents choose the right college in Dubai, it's a long-term investment in their future.

Why Dubai Is a Smart Choice

This city is a key destination of study because it's one of the few places that students will get as much learning done outside the classroom as inside. Parents should send their children to Dubai when they want them to understand that different cultures keep the world turning and inspire new ideas. The skills and passions of the people within our world should be celebrated because we only progress when we work together. The career paths in Dubai are numerous for those interested in the art of style, as experts predict that the city will need more than 30,000 professionals to keep up with the demand by 2021. The fashion designers here have a never-ending source of inspiration amongst the many different kinds of people who call this city home.

Choose the Right College in Dubai

The College of Fashion & Design (CFD) College offers Bachelor Degrees in Fashion Design and Fashion Business Management, and it's the first accredited college to dedicate itself to the industry in the region. Our professionals are here to support students in any way possible, from immigration to career placement. We stay ahead of the trends, and teach students about fashions from around the world. We make excellent use of technology, as more and more designers are turn to Computer Aided Design for better precision, efficiency and aesthetics. When searching for fashion colleges in Dubai, how well it prepares children for the future should be one of the top priorities.

Our mission is to open young people to the wonders and opportunity of fashion, and we don't just stop at patterns and fabrics. We teach our students the real world business skills that are helpful no matter which career path in Dubai they choose. Whether they choose to stay here or venture on, we give each student the attention they deserve to thrive in a quickly changing world.

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