Accessories Design Process

Maryam Hassan
By Maryam Hassan
on May 9, 2019
My name is Maryam Hassan, I am studying Bachelor in Fashion Design, and I will talk about my experience of creating a bag from sketch to the final product.

For the Accessories class, Dr. Samer Eska proposed us to create a bag inspired by one civilization of our choice. I choose the Egyptian Civilization, and for the past month, I’ve been working on this project which I’ve encountered a lot of difficulties that I had to work through. I had to learn new things because I wanted to make my bag look unique.
We’ve started the creative process by elaborating three mood boards, and after that, when starting the production process, as a new student at the beginning of the semester, and I didn’t know how to stitch.
To fix the problem, I took stitching classes, to learn how to make it using pattern-making technics. To produce the bag, I’ve started by taking the measurements (length and width) and cutting the fabrics according to the sizes. I used a canvas, leather, and other materials that have met my needs. When I’ve started stitching, I made a lot of mistakes. Because I wasn’t able to make a straight line in sewing, and my design was very complicated. In the end, I had to make a lot of changes, and sometimes I even restarted my work all over again. Every now and then I visited my professor to ask his remarks on my project’s process and get his opinion on what to change or add. After taking recommendations and remarks, I realized that my work became more efficient.
When I finalized my project, I realized I restarted every part of the bag at least four times. It has a couple of layers because I wanted to make it look nice but also to have good quality.
Lastly, it was a new experience for me, because I've learned how to stitch, and most importantly, how to create a bag. I had a lot of fun learning how to make a bag, and I loved the process in between.

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Maryam Hassan
Written by Maryam Hassan
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