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Sharifeh Negahban
By Sharifeh Negahban
on April 18, 2019

The CFD bootcamp took place on 21st February 2019, CFD welcomed about 100 students from various High schools to introduce them to the world fashion and design, also help them realize their dream if they want to be fashion designers in the future, students were accompanied by their teachers for the event.

The first course that was introduced to the students was Fashion Drawing by Mrs Yuliya. She explained the basic of fashion drawing to them with images on the projector. Afterwards, they were given they were given drawing tools to exhibit their talent in drawing, and some of the current students were assisting them. It was exciting to see them use their creativity and ideas, and they did well with the drawing. The most interesting aspect was that even some of their teachers took part of the activity. After the workshop, they were asked to submit their work.

The second course introduced to them was Fashion Technology by Dr Deval, she projected a video to explain the role of technology in the fashion world and how both fashion and technology are developing hand in hand.

In addition, the students were given tours of the campus and introduced to the Fashion Lab, where they could see most of the work that has been done by CFD Students. 

The third practical course introduced to them was draping by Mrs Mudite. They've learned how to drape on a mannequin with different styles, using fabric and other materials. It was very interesting seeing different kinds of styles from students with no fashion background. In the end, they've placed all the designs on the stage for a small and fun competition. 

Finally, the Dean of the college, Dr Haifa gave us a short speech about CFD and also motivated the students in case they want to become fashion designers in the future. We are happy to open our doors of CFD is opened to them.


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Sharifeh Negahban
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