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on April 18, 2019


Admission.jpgThe College of Fashion & Design opens its doors to people all over the world, and it's our pleasure to play a part in shaping the talents today for the needs of tomorrow. We welcome everyone who loves fashion, so find out more about our admissions criteria for international students, scholarship eligibility and how to obtain a UAE study visa.

The Basic Criteria

Students will need to have demonstrated ability in math and English (both written and spoken) before applying. All classes will be taught in English. We ask for a creative portfolio to get a sense of natural skill sets and interests. There will also be an interview with an enrollment officer to determine eligibility. The College of Fashion & Design does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion or disability.Papers and Forms

The Ministry of Education (UAE) needs to issue an Equivalency Certificate, which is a way to verify your educational background. International students are required to ratify each grade level in their secondary schooling. Your certificate will come after the educational authority in your country has verified the subjects you've studied and grades you've earned, and the UAE has reviewed and approved the information. Common educational authorities are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UAE Embassy, or the embassy of the country of study. If you cannot provide the Equivalency Certificate before the semester starts, you will need to sign a “Declaration Letter” promising to obtain the certificate before the semester is over. Failure to do so may result in termination of enrollment.

Students may be accepted provisionally if they do not meet the regular admissions criteria for international students. They must have scored at least 60% or the equivalent in general aptitude tests upon leaving secondary schooling. They will be required to take a general math and English test as well.


CFD is happy to take transfers, provided students are able to supply valid certification from outside the UAE. For transfer credit, the student must have completed post-secondary education at an accredited institution. We will need official transcripts, and the amount of credits amassed must be less than half of those required to graduate from the equivalent program. Students who are not in good standing may transfer to a different program at CFD other than their original course of study (e.g., from marketing to buyer.) Students will need to show that courses contained content similar to that of CFD's curriculum, and must have a grade of C (2.0) or higher in the course to transfer the credit. CFD will provide information regarding how the credit will be applied to their particular enrollment program.

UAE Study Visa and Scholarship Eligibility

International students will need to have a college-sponsored student visa to meet the admissions criteria for international students. A UAE study visa can be obtained by going through the proper authorities, filling out all forms, and paying the fees. CFD is ready to help you complete the process by verifying your admission and status at our school. CFD also has half a million dirhams to distribute amongst its potential students. Scholarship eligibility is determined by a number of factors, from financial need to talent to test scores. We're here to foster as many budding talents as possible.

Student Life

Dubai has beaches, beauty and warmth, and it's a safe city for everyone to come and study — regardless of their roots.The College of Fashion & Design has partnerships to find students housing within their budget. This is an excellent place for students to engage in the clubs and activities we offer to build their passion and experience. Dubai is also a thriving cultural center, and can help young people of all kinds understand where they fit on a global level.

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