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Combine Fashion and Business Degree: When Creativity Meets Critical Thinking

Posted by CFD Team on Dec 14, 2016 9:07:00 PM

When young people are getting their education, there's a big shift from high school to college. No longer do they have a restricted course catalog to guide their way, and they're now expected to choose one field of study for the rest of their life. As exciting as it is to be in control, it can also feel like a lot of pressure. However, this choice doesn't have to be limiting. If you or someone you know is looking for colleges in Dubai, a fashion and business degree can make it that much easier to hit the ground running when it comes to getting out in the real world.

Two Halves Make a Whole

CFD critical_thinking.jpgFashion is typically seen as a creative endeavor that engages the right side of the brain as a creative path, whereas business is viewed as needing the left side to control for logical decisions and long-term thinking. But a student is not one or the other, despite the fact that one side may be stronger than the other. Business needs creativity to survive as customer tastes change and trends come and go, and creativity needs critical thinking to ensure people don't get too caught up in fantasy. This is true in every industry but particularly in fashion. Developing both of these traits at the fashion schools in Dubai will test and challenge a student's work ethic, and teach them to stay versatile when problem solving in different schools of thought.

Cross-Over Skills

Ambitious people will never be satisfied with learning just thing, and college is the time to stretch the brain. When creative and critical thinking skills come together, it opens up possibilities others may not have even imagined. While a student who graduates with a fashion and business degree may not immediately become the next Michael Kors, that doesn't mean they aren't in a prime position to start paving their way to an empire. The workforce today is not forgiving, and demands a lot from those first entering. Graduates who know how to manage a staff, market to customers and work with finances put themselves ahead of the pack right away. There needs to be a solid foundation of how it all works with demonstrable experience before diving in and making a splash in the business world.

Diversity and Globalization

Fashion colleges in Dubai may teach many of the same principles as fashion schools in other parts of the world, but there's a key difference in that our programs allow people to connect from all over the world. We encourage our students to see each other for who they really are — and not as competition. This is the chance for them to make partnerships, forge alliances and learn how to get along with people that they may not see eye to eye with. These lessons are taught alongside courses on textiles and apparel merchandising, allowing students to see how ethics merges with talent to create a business that succeeds.

When Dreams Meet Reality

The College of Fashion and Design has a 4 year program to prepare students to become experts in the art of how businesses are run — from the smallest start-ups to the largest conglomerates. In this program, students will not only learn about how to make their own designs and products, but also how to get those products out into the world. Our goal is not to churn out heartless automatons who can only see the bottom line, but rather a professional who can hire the right people to fit the available roles and then give them the encouragement needed to thrive. Great leaders are often seen as being born not made, but our programs are designed to bring out both innate traits as well as strengthen less apparent leadership skills. Students who graduate are ready to either pursue post-graduate studies or to try their hand in the world of fashion.


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