Disney Villains x The Blonds by Jesus Silva

Imran Sidi
By Imran Sidi
on April 18, 2019


Take a bite into this style.

Here we see a full-length mirrored gold coat that is creating all the right drama, including the broken glass, which adds a dazzling sparkle finish. We can interpret the broken glass, which is the main material for both the coat and bodysuit, to represent the Evil Queen smashing the never lying magic mirror.

This Evil Queen look couldn’t be finished without adding the most important accessory; her crown. This bespoke headpiece made from black shattered glass makes a statement and sets the tone for the show.

Nevertheless, this opening look was the fiercest of them all.


The queen of animal skin couturier is the most fashionable villain of them all.


The Blonds paid attention to every single detail of this iconic Disney character, from her signature black and white hair to the stiletto-sharp nails of the model. Cruella’s portrait was painted on every nail, which on their own, were a mini work of art.

The Swarovski bejeweled Cruella De Ville raging face bodice was paired with black fishnets and red platform Louboutin pumps.

The only crime here, Cruella would say, is: ‘Darling, there isn’t enough fur.’


The famous confident sea witch that brought us body language under the sea. Regardless of her size, she brought an extra level of sexiness and flamboyance to her character, which quickly made her a staple of today’s definition of beauty.



Here, not only do we have a trans model, but also a full-figured model, working the runway of New York Fashion Week, tearing down the stigma of what models should look like. A stunning bodysuit covered in richly decorated black rhinestone, accented with an asymmetrical purple and blue feather trim, which adds volume to the overall look. The headscarf, in my opinion was a thoughtful styling choice, as it highlights the effect of being underwater.

Anyone, not into this look is clearly an unfortunate soul.




The proclaim shadow man is put in the spotlight, in this heavy-duty, relaxed-fit one piece. Richly decorated with black and gold sequence, which was clearly placed to outline a skeleton exterior. Dr. Facilier wouldn’t be complete without his exaggerated top hat.

The overall finished look felt incomplete, as it didn’t reflect The Blonds sketch, which showed vibrant colors that would have brought the villain back from the dead.

Maybe this witch doctor should have shuffled his cards better.


Well, well, well. What do we have here, another fashion fail?


Known for her dark elegance and dramatic bold cape, it was disappointing to see that The Blonds didn’t characterize the iconic statement piece of Maleficent’s dark wicked cape.

They did, however, highlight the horns that gave the villain her evil trademark. The curvy corset horns are studded with black Swarovski crystals and paired with ribbed black jeans, which threw the overall look, taking away the dark, elegant dramatic design that is Maleficent.

Luckily Sleeping Beauty wasn’t awake to see this.


The queen of Red, and ‘off with every ones head’, made a loud statement on the runway.



The outfit was a bold contrast of red and black with kinky leather studded straps. The red metallic jacket acts and reflects all the bloodshed from those executed by the queen.

The added accessory of the black spiked backpack gave the look a playful touch.

The model walked with such a sharp and dynamic strut, bringing the sense of fierce fiery red to the runway.

This red fury look is even making Alice wonder why she’s always wearing that sad blue dress.



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