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Experience the International World of Fashion & Design: Study Abroad Opportunities for College Students

CFD Team
By CFD Team
on October 29, 2017

When pursuing a career in fashion & design, learning about different cultures, materials, textures and styles can make a huge impact on the way you think, feel and create. With so many elements to explore within the industry, considering programs in other parts of the world may be a good idea. There are many study abroad opportunities for college students that expose them to a number of areas that may be beneficial.

1.jpgWhy study abroad?

Many students study in Milan to understand where fashion originates. As one of the fashion capitals of the world, being immersed in opportunities that could include fashion week and training under some of the elite designers is an opportunity that could open doors for the future.

The College of Fashion & Design also offers opportunities for students to study in Dubai, with an innovative, forward-thinking curriculum that further capitalizes on Dubai’s up-and-coming reputation for being one of the most progressive cities in the world that will infuse smart technology into fashion. Home to over 200 nationalities, Dubai offers a number of opportunities for students to learn under professionals and entrepreneurs making their mark on the fashion world. Attending the College of Fashion & Design not only offers study in Dubai, but introduces another avenue in which to explore study in Milan through their semester study abroad program.

What types of degrees are available?

Fashion & Design students have a number of program offerings, including:

  • Bachelor in Fashion & Design

This degree focuses on the creative, technical, design and business skills needed to be successful in the industry. It includes specific concentrations in Accessories Design and Fashion Visual Communication.

  • Bachelor in Fashion Business Management

This degree program promotes a comprehensive understanding of fashion business management. Specific concentrations include Fashion Retail Management and Fashion Promotion.

Dubai has been tasked with becoming a global fashion hub by 2021, and the College of Fashion & Design is the only comprehensive college in the region that has world-class infrastructure, a top-notch facility and state-of-the-art technology that employs diversity and excellence in education. There are a number of career opportunities available for students who wish to pursue these types of degrees at the College of Fashion & Design. Dubai is consistently growing within the industry, and the knowledge and experience gained from being exposed to a study abroad program is invaluable.

Students interested in learning about new cultures and the diversity in fashion should consider the different study abroad opportunities for college students. While there are a number of programs that offer an enriching experience, being immersed in a cultural mecca that can showcase all the different career opportunities and help make early connections is key. Students not only learn about fashion & design, but learn how to thrive in a different environment that could be the catalyst for their career.

For more information on the College of Fashion & Design, and their programs, visit the website or contact a curriculum specialist today.

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