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Fashion Design Jobs in Dubai: How to Land Your Dream Job

Posted by CFD Team on Feb 8, 2017 9:56:00 PM

Fashion design jobs in Dubai.jpgBecoming a fashion designer may seem like a murky goal. You may not know where people start off, or what it really takes to stand out amongst a pack of hopefuls all hoping to make their mark through their creations. Fortunately, the need for designers only continues to grow as the public continues to round out their wardrobes.

It Starts with Passion

Fashion design jobs in Dubai start with instinct. No one has to tell you to spend time in your closet, trying to find the best pieces for your or your friend's outfits. You're naturally drawn to sewing machines, quality fabrics, and new patterns. Experimentation is in your blood, and fashion mistakes aren't a cause for shame with you — only a means to make you a better designer. It's not just about your personal preferences though. Good designers have an eye for detail, meaning they're watching who's wearing what whenever they have a chance.

Getting Fashion Experience

When you want more official proof of your love of fashion, you'll need to build up your portfolio. This is a way to organize all that you do well in an easily digestible way. Anything from sketches to photos to fabric samples can be placed in your portfolio, but it's important to show that you've got a good handle on the industry at large. For example, taking a few outside courses on how Computer Aided Design (CAD) assists designers when precision counts.

Learning to Collaborate

Marc Jacobs may have his name on his items, but his whole team helped get him to where he is today. Before you even step foot in formal education, you'll need to know that this is not just about glory, but about teamwork and sacrifice to make a finished product. Start talking to people that you admire in the field. If it can't be designers, then seek out people who work with designers. Ask them questions about how it worked when they started and what's changed today. You'll get a sense of the effort and time it takes to become accepted.

Branching Out

A fashion and design college should be your next stop on the road to landing one of the many fashion design jobs in Dubai. No matter how skilled you are with textiles and garments, you'll still need to know the basics of accounting, marketing, and merchandising if you want to make a splash in your industry. With the right educational foundation, you'll spend less time training and more time impressing the people who count.

Land Your Dream Job

School can point you in the right direction, but it's up to you to take what you've learned and apply it. Whether you start off as an assistant, a junior designer, or you jump straight into the start-up world, you'll need to make relationships that will be mutually beneficial to both parties. You'll also need to take the opportunity to learn both inside the classroom and out. All aspiring designers will need confidence to pursue their dreams, and that confidence comes from taking the many steps necessary to be hired — steps that happen long before an application is filled out.

The College of Fashion & Design

Our school is here to fill in the gaps in your understanding of how to successful companies work. This industry favors those who take risks, but it doesn't favor those who don't prepare. The fashion design jobs in Dubai will need to be filled by those who can both create and contribute to a variety of different areas of the business. We use every resource at our disposal, from excellent teachers to the multi-cultural styles and inspiration on the streets of Dubai. Our school is here to teach you everything from the practical to the magical on your quest to become a fashion designer.


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