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Fashion in Dubai: Say "Hello" to the New Hub for Creative Styles and Careers

Posted by CFD Team on Feb 14, 2017 8:32:00 PM

Hello new hub.jpg Fashion makes a statement all over the world. Immersing yourself in the newest hub for creative styles and careers can be beneficial, especially if you desire to have a career in this industry. Top fashion universities all recommend an educational foundation that includes hands-on experience in those areas. Major designers and retailers recognize the influence fashion in Dubai has, and embraces the new hub with open arms.

What does it take to have a career in fashion in Dubai?

The first step is to research the best fashion colleges in UAE. While there are accredited colleges in Dubai, the only accredited fashion college in the area is the College of Fashion & Design. A leader in assisting the transformation of the area into a fashion mecca, the college offers classes and degree options to fully prepare students for the future.

What can I learn at the College of Fashion & Design?

As the best fashion college in Dubai, the school revolves around making sure all students are well-equipped through cross-discipline learning opportunities. A cultural gateway for the fashion industry, students will be exposed to diverse cultures and different types of fashion that provide well-rounded experiences. The programs offered at the College of Fashion & Design include:

  • Bachelor in Fashion Design (BFD)

The BFD program helps develop students who are interested in apparel and design. This includes textiles, garment construction, draping and other technical aspects in the creation of fashion, both visually and through the use of materials. Students learn all elements of this industry, acquiring knowledge in the creative and business aspects of the fashion industry.

  • Bachelor in Fashion Business Management (BFBM)

Every student should know and understand the business aspects of their industry, but this program specifically concentrates on those areas that are more technical in nature surrounding the business of the fashion industry. Students learn fashion promotion and fashion retail management to help develop their business skills in a demanding and evolving industry.

How will these degree programs assist in the new fashion hub?

These programs allow students to compete with existing top fashion universities, while setting new standards at the best fashion college in Dubai. Students learn in a state-of-the-art campus housing world technology. Professors infuse an innovative curriculum with their industry partnerships for internship opportunities that provide experience and a wealth of knowledge. There are a number of learning resources available for students, including the Innovation Lab, Design Lab, Fashion Lab, Photography Lab and Library. Students learn on top-of-the-line computers using the latest fashion design software to provide an added edge to the competition they will face after completing the program.

The opportunities at the best fashion college in Dubai are endless! Students will have a diverse portfolio of work to showcase, and will be prepared for employment in a wide range of areas, including fashion styling, visual merchandising, fashion publications, strategic marketing, brand management, public relations, business development, and other crucial positions that make up the foundation of the fashion industry.

Dubai is the new place of interest for the fashion industry, and the College of Fashion & Design helps raise the bar for anyone wanting to step into this career path on the ground floor. For more information on their programs and offerings, contact an advisor today.


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