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How To Become A Brand Manager: Which College Program Can I Sign Up For In Dubai ?

Posted by CFD Team on Nov 16, 2016 5:51:00 PM

Whether it’s fashion or business, a brand manager is the gatekeeper of a brand’s reputation, the architect of a brand’s image and the brand’s voice to both the media and customers. A brand manager plays a big role in a company’s success. They conduct market research for the brand, poll demographics, develop marketing strategies and develop objectives to increase a brand’s value.

CFD brand manager.jpgFashion schools in Dubai and fashion colleges in Dubai like the College of Fashion & Design offer degrees in Fashion Business Management and Fashion Design along with a brand manager course that give students the expertise, skills and creativity to act as a brand manager and manage a global brand. This college is one of the fashion schools in Dubai with the hallmarks of vibrancy, creativity, conviction and leadership and are leaders in brand management.

Brand Management Course: The College of Fashion & Design In Dubai

With the college’s fashion brand manager course, you learn how brands are managed, built and experienced. Get an in-depth study of the luxury fashion world, including haute couture, ready-to-wear and licensed products. Learn how to move a product to a marketable brand. At the College of Fashion & Design, students attain the knowledge and skills to quality for a job position as a brand manager.

The College Of Fashion & Design

Nestled in the fashion capital of the world, the College of Fashion & Design has a state-of-the-art campus with advanced technology and an innovative curriculum. Along with its multi-cultural atmosphere, there are distinct concentrations of fashion design and fashion business management.

Its Bachelor Degree in Fashion Business Management program offers a comprehensive understanding of fashion business management in a variety of areas, such as retailing, textile, merchandising and finances. Available concentrations include fashion retail management, brand management, strategic fashion marketing and fashion promotion.

Its Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design program concentrates on technically developing the skills for research, creative garment construction and computer aided design. It’s a thorough program focused on the technical, creative, designing and business skills needed for success. Available concentrations include fashion visual communication, fashion styling, accessories design and fashion design.

Develop Innovative Competencies at the College of Fashion & Design

With a focus on creativity, innovation, curiosity and culture, the College of Fashion & Design offer a holistic education and provides an unparalleled collegiate experience. Its college campus showcases innovative labs to embrace both fashion and technology, computer labs for design and modeling, design labs with 3D printing and model making and fashion labs with an artistic insight to design, fabric and color. All of the resources are provided to become a brand manager. Study at the College of Fashion & Design provides you not only with the skills needed to be a brand manager in the fashion industry but in other industries. Work as a brand manager for companies like Coke, Hershey Foods or General Mills. The College of Fashion & Design is an ideal venue for studying business management. Seeking to become a brand manager? Sign up with the College of Fashion & Design.


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