How to Change Universities in Dubai: What You Should Know

CFD Team
By CFD Team
on April 18, 2019

College.jpgIf you’re looking to enhance your education in the fashion and design industry, one of the most important decisions will be the college you attend. There is a 2021 mandate in Dubai that demands 30,000 trained professionals in the private sector. With that in mind, learning how to change universities in Dubai may be a choice for you.

Why would you want to know how to change universities in Dubai?

The answer is simple. If your goal is to have a career in the fashion industry, it makes sense to get the best training where you are exposed to the latest technology and are able to mingle and get the experience you need with real professionals. The College of Fashion & Design in Dubai (CFD) is the premier destination of learning for students who are serious about their futures. The only accredited fashion college in the area, students are preparing to embrace Dubai’s vision and acceptance of being dubbed the new “fashion capital.”

 Why CFD?

The fashion and design college in Dubai is nothing short of amazing! Students learn under some of the top professionals in the world, and are exposed to unique opportunities. Imagine being able to come up with a new software to assist the fashion industry, or intern with a major designer. All of these opportunities are a reality for the students at CFD.

 International and local students can benefit from transferring to this institution. The first step in understanding how to change universities in Dubai is the process where you have to transfer college credits:

· Transfer students must meet the English language proficiency requirements of the chosen program of study;

· All official transcripts of post-secondary work must be submitted;

· The transfer credit must be comparable to the accepting institution;

· Transfer credits must not exceed 50% of credits required for program completion;

· Transfer program credit for relevant courses must have a “C” or above

 It’s time to experience learning in an environment that can take you places. The Bachelor in Fashion Design (BFD) helps students develop their technical skills in textiles, garment construction and proper execution. Students learn accessories design, fashion visual communication and more.

 The Bachelor in Fashion Business Management (BFM) prepares students for the business side of things, such as fashion promotion and fashion retail management while providing a core foundation of technical skills. In both programs, students learn under the best instructors with access to unlimited resources.

 Study abroad opportunities, a diverse cultural background, and superior internships prepare students for successful careers in fashion and design. With access to a vast digitized library; an innovation lab; design lab; fashion lab; photography lab; and multiple Mac workstations, students learn with the best technology available.

 hese are only a few reasons why students should consider transferring to the College of Fashion & Design in Dubai. From being exposed to up-and-coming designers, to rubbing shoulders with the best in the industry, the opportunities are limitless. The next intake of students is Fall 2017. For more information on how to transfer college credits, contact an advisor today!

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