How to Choose the Right Major: A College Student's Guide

CFD Team
By CFD Team
on April 18, 2019

Right major.jpgA major is a specific area of study. Up to one-half of the courses you take in college will be related to your major. At some colleges, you can have a major and a minor or major in two fields. Often, you don’t have to pick a major until the end of your sophomore year. This gives you some time to check out different subjects and determine which one interests you.out that major before committing. Self-assessment of your interests is important do. What skills do you already have? What are your weaknesses and what are your strengths?

The school may even provide a college student’s guide in order to help you choose the right career path. And if you can acquire some experience outside of the classroom, that will help you make a more informed choice.

It’s also wise to examine what you value in work. Is it helping society, stability, status, having a positive impact on others or being creative? Those who enjoy being creative may want to consider fields like fashion & design or architecture.Determining the ideal career path for yourself is truly a journey. The goal is to narrow your focus from all possible majors to a few fields of study that you can then explore in greater depth. Make sure to spend time on thinking about your passion, doing a self-assessment and focusing in on what you really want to do with your life.

Focusing in on a Field: Get In-Depth Information

Once you’ve decided on a field, you can begin to investigate different aspects of that field. For example, if you’re interested in fashion & design, you may want to becoming a product designer, fashion designer or fashion merchandise planner. Investigate all aspects of the field, such as marketing research, fashion promotion, public relations, artistic director, product supply management and ecommerce management. Even in the field of fashion & design, there are many, many options. The more you learn about any individual field, the more you can focus in on what you really want.

The most important thing to choose the right major is to take the time to complete all the mentioned steps. Don’t skip anything. After all, it’s your future, and you want to make sure it’s a good one.

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