How to Get a Job in Fashion in Dubai?

CFD Team
By CFD Team
on April 23, 2019

 job in fashion.jpgWhether you’re a new graduate living in Dubai or looking to relocate to the United Arab Emirates, there are a number of ways you can approach your question of ‘how to get a job in fashion?’. Fashion in Dubai is cutting edge, and Dubai is a vibrant city with many employment opportunities. Here’s a few hints and tips to help you secure your dream job:

Search Company Websites

Many fashion companies in Dubai have a website with a career section. You can search the positions available as well as learning the requirements for each role and the application process. This approach will help refine your job search and minimize the risk of falling for job scams. Plus, you’ll find phone numbers for contacting the company directly. Searching company websites is a way that many secure a job in fashion.

Network to Land a Fashion Job

Create a network of people. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to look outside of your own circle to find your perfect job. There might be someone that you already know who can provide valuable advice on how to get a job in fashion. Turn to that person to get the contact information for the individual who is in charge of recruiting. Just be prepared to sell yourself. Networking is a circle not a point. Stage one consists of finding new contacts, and stage two consists of connecting with new people. You can find new contacts by using social media strategically, asking for new introductions from people you already know and attending traditional networking events. Stay connected with these new contacts by following up within 24 hours, planning a lunch meeting or regular phone calls. When you do it right, networking can lead to mutual beneficial relationships.

Make a Cold Call

Don’t be shy about cold calling a company to inquire about available positions in fashion. Find out the phone number of the company and be assertive. Call and ask to speak to the hiring manager. Be friendly but firm. It is an effective way to land a fashion job. Take the initiative and be prepared to make your ‘elevator sales pitch’. That person will remember you when your resume lands in their inbox. It adds a personal touch.

Use a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies often offer high end jobs in executive positions and management positions. It’s their job to sell you to the company and set up an interview for you. Getting in the door for an interview is made easy with a recruitment agency. And if you’re living overseas, the company may be able to fly you in for the interview or arrange a virtual interview.

Services at CFD

The College of Fashion & Design in Dubai offers career support services for securing a job in fashion. Its career support department has established industry relations and serves as a place for retail and design employers to advertise job openings throughout the year. It also offers one-on-one career counseling, group seminars on career topics, career development assessments. Students can also get connected with an internship that could lead to a job.

From marketing strategist and retail managers to design positions and Public Relations specialists, Dubai is a great place to embark on a career in fashion. Land a junior position and work your way up or land a mid-level position. Answering the question ‘How to get a job in fashion in Dubai?’ is made easy when you have the right information at your fingertips.




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