How to Get a Retail Boutique Manager Career in Dubai : Land Your Dream Job

By cfdmanager
on April 18, 2019

 Retail boutiques can carry anything from nightclub clothes to power suits. The key to a successful boutique is to find the right niche, and cater to the customers who are likely to come back again and again. These special stores are not going to please every shopper, but the repeat customers who frequent the boutique will feel that the clothes and accessories are tailor-made for them. If your dream job is to be at the center of the action, then learn more about what it means to work in a retail boutique and how you can go about landing a manager position.

Big Fish, Small Pond

A retail boutique manager career in Dubai is designed to give you inside access to every part of the sales process. Not only will you need to know how to manage employees, but how to handle the customers who walk through the door. It will mean learning when to stand firm, when to make exceptions, and which situations needs a little extra finesse. Rather than working in a large department store where you may start to feel removed from the details of the sales floor, you can make real changes based on first-hand customer and employee feedback. This intimate setting calls to people who have both the people skills and the fashion knowledge to boost customer satisfaction and sales at the same time.

Making a Difference

A manager role is what you make of it, and success is tied into how much initiative you take and how consistent you can be with improvements. Change can take time, so this position is recommended for those who see how they can improve the shopping experience and who aren't afraid to try something new (or even risky) to make it happen. If you're looking to work in Dubai, you're already starting at a major advantage. This is the city to see how the fashion-forward live, and the way different types of fashionistas pick out their outfits. From bags to colors to cuts, you'll get an incredibly education just by walking down the street. If you can learn to spot the next trends, you'll find yourself quickly excelling as a manager in a retail boutique.

Learning the Rules

Fashion doesn't always have to follow the rules, but you need to know the logistics behind it anyway. Beyond just noticing how people dress, you'll need to learn the business side too. You'll need to know what it takes to maintain the store, from rents to building codes to employee regulations. You'll also need to know how goods are produced, priced, shipped, and sold. Once you understand how the entire process works, you can start looking for ways to be creative within the context of your manager position. For example, you may find a different and more environmentally-friendly supplier, without endangering the budget or turning customers off with higher prices. A bachelor in fashion business management can teach you how to fit each part of the process together, so you have an easier time seeing the forest through the trees.

Finding a School

The best school for you is the one that can teach and guide you rather than control and steer you toward a career you may not want. The College of Fashion & Design in Dubai was created to speak to fashion lovers all over the world who want to be a part of this amazing industry. And make no mistake about it, there will be a huge need for skilled professionals in the fashion industry in the next 5 years at every level. We balance the creative and logistical sides to give you a well-rounded education. For those who want a retail boutique manager career in Dubai, the College of Fashion & Design can help you on your way.


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