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How to Get a Student Visa if You Want to Study in a Dubai College

Posted by CFD Team on Dec 6, 2016 5:22:17 PM

 Looking to move and study in Dubai, the most luxurious and diverse city of the United Arab Emirates’s (UAE) seven emirates? If live outside of the UAE, you may be wondering what is required to live in Dubai. 

For starters, international students are required to have a student residence visa for college study in Dubai. Read on to learn what you need to do to attend a school within Dubai and the UAE.

How to Get a Dubai Student Visa

CFD student_visa_720.jpgGoverning laws of the United Arab Emirates require students who are from areas outside of the emirates to maintain a student residence visa during their stay in Dubai.

To receive a student residence visa, students must submit required documentation, pay associated fees and secure sponsorship. People looking to attend secondary schools, colleges or master's programs in Dubai have several options when it comes to obtaining visa sponsorship:

  1. A male student who is above the age of 18 may be sponsored by his parents.
  2. Unmarried female students may be sponsored by their mother, as long as their mother works as a high-level professional, or they can receive visa sponsorship from their father.
  3. Full-time students can receive student visa sponsorship from the college that they attend.

Documents Required to Study in Dubai for International Students

Students who study at colleges or universities in Dubai must present multiple documents to be issued a visa. Here is a list of the paperwork that you will need to acquire a student residence visa:

  • Copies of your passport, which must still be valid for at least six months
  • Passport quality photos of yourself
  • The acceptance letter from the college or university that you plan to attend
  • Bank statements to confirm that you have funds in the UAE
  • Proof that you have secured a place to stay (Acceptable documents include a tenant agreement if you plan to stay off-
  • campus or a letter from the college or university if you will be boarding in a school dormitory).
  • A receipt indicating that you have paid your tuition fees
  • A receipt showing payment of your visa fees for the current year
  • Proof of your high school graduation, if you are planning to pursue graduate studies in Dubai

Additional Requirements for International Students to Study in Dubai

If you are from certain nations outside of the UAE or have certain medical conditions, there may be additional requirements details of which can be found on the Government of Dubai;’s website

Also, as an international student, you may have to undergo medical testing at a medical center within the UAE. This medical testing is to confirm that you are not carrying communicable diseases that that may be harmful to others. Conditions, such as tuberculosis, hepatitis C, HIV, hepatitis B or leprosy, could require your deportation.

Three Top Questions To Ask About your Student Residence Visa in Dubai

  1. How Long Does it Take to Obtain a Student Residence Visa? The processing of the visa usually requires two to five weeks after the required documents have been received. Still, an express visa can be processed in a shorter timeframe, usually one to three weeks.
  2. Is Your Student Residence Visa Valid Indefinitely? Student residence visas that are needed to attend universities or colleges in Dubai are only valid for a year before they must be reinstated. Thus, your visa will need to be renewed for each year of study.In addition, if you remain outside of the UAE for six months or more, your residence visa becomes invalid.
  3. How Much Time is Needed to Cancel a Student Residence Visa? Expect it to take one to three weeks to cancel your UAE student visa.

If you live outside of the UAE and would like to attend business or fashion colleges in Dubai, like The College of Fashion & Design in Dubai, you may have to complete a few extra steps due to the student residence visa requirements. However, based on the quality of the education you will receive, your study in Dubai cost is well worth it.

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