How to Transfer College Credits in Dubai: Complete a Bachelors Degree at CFD

CFD Team
By CFD Team
on April 18, 2019

Transfer.jpgAs you embark on your college journey, you may discover another program that is more suited to your career goals. For fashion and design students, getting an education in an area where hands-on experience and consistent exposure are the norm.


Dubai is the newest hotspot in the fashion and design industry where students learn comprehensive tactics in order to succeed. Trained with the best technology, students are quickly immersed into an environment where they not only learn, but become part of the growing demand for fashion and design talents in the region.

Considering a transfer to Dubai?

For students who are seeking to transfer college credits to the College of Fashion & Design, the first step would be visiting the college to see what they have to offer. Arrangements can be made with an advisor to tour the facility, see the students at work, and experience the environment. Once the decision has been made to further pursue a transfer, the student has criteria to meet prior to acceptance. This includes:

· Student must present valid certification (TOEFL or IELTS) with accepted scores for admission;

· All official transcripts of previous college study must be submitted;

While this is the basic criteria, students who wish to transfer college credits must also understand that only 50% of their credits are transferable, and will only be granted for those courses that are relevant to the degree where the student earned a grade of “C” or above.

 Superior learning opportunity

Students who are interested in the College of Fashion & Design will learn in a diverse environment with state-of-the-art technology. The programs offered in Fashion Design and Fashion Business Management fully prepare students for careers in fashion styling, fashion design, brand management, business development, public relations, buying & merchandising, product design, and more.

 Students are taught with the highest expectation in mind, gaining experience as if working in a real design house. The students have an innovation lab, where they can work on developing the latest technology that will assist designers or retailers; a design lab, where they create models, 3D design, and use advanced technology to create technologically innovative designs; a fashion lab, where they are able to apply a new and fresh approach to fashion through the application of new concepts; a photography lab; and a vast library where they have access to the latest information in the industry.

 There is a study-abroad program, where students get to travel to Italy and experience fashion at its finest. There is never a dull moment, as students are also very involved in student activities, on and off-campus. Through partnerships with designers and other industry associates, students acquire internships at the ground level that usually turn into full-time career opportunities.


Students who transfer college credits from another country may be concerned about their housing status. We have several partnerships with real estate companies and agents, in addition to two housing partners – UniNest and Estisalat Academy, where our students reside for quick access to the campus.

 There is so much to see and learn when seeking to complete a bachelor's degree program at the College of Fashion & Design in Dubai. With such a high demand for fashion and design students for the future vision of Dubai, taking the steps to be a part of the movement at the very beginning can reap great rewards.

The College of Fashion & Design is one of the premier colleges in Dubai. For more information, contact an advisor today!


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