Interview with Andreea Zoia  

Nikhil Thawani
By Nikhil Thawani
on April 18, 2019

By Udita Jain

Andreea Zoia is a presenter and a confidence coach, and last month we had a great opportunity to meet her at CFD for the ‘Confidence Masterclass’.

After the Masterclass, we had the pleasure to interview Andreea and ask some questions about her career.

How did your career start as a speaker coach?

Life pushes me to become strong, and there were some situations where I had to manage myself. When I was 19 years old, I was tired of having an invisible life, I took a one-way ticket to Dubai and worked as a hostess for one week. I didn’t like it and went back to Romania. I came back for a sports trainer and slowly built myself in the modeling world before starting with the representing world. Life gifted me with options of staying where I am and become redundant, feeling like nobody, or set up and take a leap of faith and risk. I’ve always been a daredevil and always trusted myself.

 Whom do you consider as your role model? 

In the beginning, it was Celine Dion, but I know it doesn't sound modest, but right now I've become my own role model.  For many years Celine is an arise like me, she chunks on audiences, she is such a performer and I looked up her because of her power. And more than being a musician, she is also a humanitarian. But now I am my very own role model because I have realized every few years keep on growing and growing and growing and overcoming bigger and bigger obstacles and I am proud of what have become.

Like most of us are shy to talk in public so what tips will you give then so that they are getting confidence

To start, you should control your breath. Because your breath controls your nervous system, the better you breath and calm yourself down the more control you have on your thoughts and emotions. This is the biggest tip to center your breath because breath is life, and if you are breathing faster, you lose control of your thoughts and emotions. You can control your mind by controlling your breath. After 3 or 5 or 7 speeches or appearances, the anxiety diminishes, the brains learn nothing happened.How will you handle the stress media and cameras?

I don’t see it as a stress I see it as an opportunity to connect with people and I make the most of it.

What is the one thing that you keep in mind when you face changes?

That it's important for me to go through this, that I am the hero of my own life, and I am the only one who can save myself.

How do you manage your times as you are a speaker then brand embraced and an interviewer?

I create schedules during the weekend and I stick to it. I always make sure to balance out with working out, walking outside, going for a hammam bath and then execute it.


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