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Land Your Dream Job: How to be a Fashion Merchandise Planning Professional in Dubai

Posted by CFD Team on Feb 1, 2017 11:04:00 AM

fashion merchandise.jpgWouldn't it be great to be responsible for deciding what items show up in a store in Dubai? Merchandise planners are hired to make sure that the proper number and type of stocked items are always available for purchase. As a result, their role is quite important to the fashion retail industry.
 Not only does a fashion merchandise planning professional in Dubai have to be able to project the selling potential of a particular product, but he or she also has to plan sales events that will encourage buyers to make purchases that increase the overall profits of the store.

If you love fashion, numbers, reports and making ground-breaking decisions, a fashion merchandise planning career in Dubai could be the perfect fit for you. By preparing properly, you could land your dream job.

Here are a few of the necessary skills that you will need to succeed in this field:

  • Analytical Skills- Merchandise planners have to be analytical. They need to be able to review data and decipher what is needed immediately and in the future to keep their customers and the store owners happy.
  • Creativity- If you love fashion, creativity is probably one of your strong suits. Merchandise planners have to be able to find creative ways to move merchandise and generate profit.
  • Trend Awareness- In order to plan effectively, a fashion merchandise planning professional in Dubai has to stay aware of all the hot, new styles in the area. Generally, only merchandise that is appealing sells well.
  • Customer Awareness- The planner also needs to take into account the types of customers who are frequenting particular store locations. For instance, stores that are in rural areas may sell more traditional items readily. However, stores that are in more openly creative areas of the city will often sell trendy fashion pieces faster. The right placement of stock items in the right locations will help ensure that profitability is optimized.

Preparing for the Position

Although merchandise planners are in high demand, you still need to prepare to increase your chance of being selected for a position. Here are a few things that you will need to do:

Enroll in the Right Fashion College

When it comes to choosing among the fashion schools in Dubai, the decision shouldn't be difficult. The College of Fashion & Design is the only fully accredited fashion college in Dubai. In order to prepare for a position in merchandise planning, you will need to be educated in a reputable school with qualified, experienced teachers and most importantly, accreditation.

Select the Right Degree

Not every degree is suitable for merchandise planning. As a future fashion merchandise planning professional in Dubai, it is important to focus on the business aspects of fashion. One of the most suitable degrees is a bachelor's in fashion business management. The degree, which is received through a four-year program, offers a well-rounded foundation for your career.

It focuses on developing your management skills, understanding of garment variations, quality recognition and apparel merchandising techniques. Additionally, the degree prepares you for the union between merchandising and marketing accounting.

Also, you can expect case studies to be regularly reviewed to help hone your analytical skills and give you confidence to make high-level professional decisions. In addition, IT skills be emphasized by fashion colleges in Dubai that offer this degree program because of the business need to analyze numerical data quickly and efficiently.

Entering an Open Door

With the right preparations, there will be multiple opportunities to work in the fashion merchandise planning field in Dubai. Entry-level positions, such as merchandise planning associate jobs allow you to get your feet wet before moving on to a higher level of responsibility. In addition, senior fashion merchandise planning positions may also become available as you secure the industry experience needed to make decisions at an even higher level.

If you are interested in becoming a fashion merchandise planning professional in Dubai, prepare well, and before you know it, you will land your dream job.

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