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Land Your Dream Job: How to be an Art Director in Dubai

Posted by CFD Team on Jan 31, 2017 3:00:00 PM

art director.jpgLanding your dream job is essentially, a dream come true. It requires,however, hard work, dedication, and a willingness to go beyond the norm to learn and get noticed. One of the first steps to help shape your career is pursuing an education that enables you to follow your chosen career path. There are fashion colleges in Dubai that not only focus on the creative aspects of fashion design and industry expertise, but provide business know-how for those career paths that move beyond this realm. This is for those individuals who have considered becoming an art director in Dubai.

Why an art director in Dubai?

Dubai is quickly becoming a fashion mecca, where people can learn about fashion, culture and diversity. The fashion schools in Dubai assist in providing the foundational courses that develop creativity, critical thinking skills, innovation and leadership – all traits needed to be successful as an art director in Dubai.

What does an art director do?

Depending on where they work, an art director handles a number of things. As an art director, you design layouts, design elements and direct photography to tell a story. An art director can also be called a creative director. They coordinate the styling of fashion shows and more. The experience needed spans from taking photos to writing copy, putting together style boards and more. It is a very exciting career path.

Other areas of interest for an art director career in Dubai include meetings with editors, sitting down to evaluate the layouts, directing run-throughs with the fashion department, collaborating with stylists to convey what type of shoot is needed, what type of clothing, and the overall vision for the promotion. It is very demanding work, but can be entertaining and rewarding at the same time.

The College of Fashion and Design in Dubai is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to prepare students for a career as an art director in Dubai. The Bachelor in Fashion Design and Bachelor in Fashion Business Management programs have a diverse range of courses that focus on personal and professional development, competence in fashion design, and competence in business. As an art director, working with others, and understanding all parts of the business is key. Partnerships with others provide hands-on experience and an opportunity to travel for study elsewhere to help understand the challenges and niche areas that may be considered.

As a student, becoming immersed in student life grants opportunities to showcase work, participate in clubs and other activities, and learn how other cultures think and feel about textures, styles and designs. The experience gained will help shape a strong foundation for the career path of an art director in Dubai.

For more information on pursuing a career path in landing your dream job, contact an advisor at the College of Fashion & Design in Dubai. Being on the cutting edge of an environment destined to become a major fashion powerhouse is not only invaluable, but quickly opens doors to achieving the career of your dreams. Call today!

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