Land Your Dream Job: How to become a fashion entrepreneur in Dubai

By cfdmanager
on April 18, 2019


Fashion EntrepreneurEvery great designer has got to start from somewhere. In the world of fashion, most people dream about becoming their own design house, making fashions for people all over the world. This dream can be attained with a little bit of work, and a good education. Dubai is one of the up and cities for fashion and design, so becoming a fashion entrepreneur in Dubai is well within reach if you really want it.


How can you become a fashion entrepreneur in Dubai?

It all starts with education. The College of Fashion & Design in Dubai offers a Bachelor in Fashion Business Management program that can prepare you to pursue this career path. There are a number of things you need to learn and become familiar with, in addition to mastering the nuances of the business world.

What type of education do I need?

Becoming a fashion entrepreneur takes a foundation. The College of Fashion & Design in Dubai introduces students to everything they will experience while working in the industry. Students are immersed in the lifestyle, with opportunities to build a portfolio, learn how to research textiles and materials, and network with professionals who can provide the guidance needed to succeed.

Opportunities for Learning

The Bachelor of Fashion Design Management program is extensive. Students learn in a variety of settings where they can appreciate every aspect of the design process. They learn from instructors, fellow students, and industry professionals who can impart the knowledge needed to make a lasting impact once they have graduated. Students are also engaged in activities both on- and off-campus to become familiar with the diverse cultures in Dubai.
Students learn with state-of-the-art technology, and have access to a number of labs to encourage the highest levels of learning and productivity:

· Fashion Lab

One of the most innovative concepts at the university level, students are engaged in a forum where color, fabric and design are presented with an artistic approach. This gives students an opportunity to experiment with new concepts in fashion and design.

· Computer Lab

Students learn at Mac workstations that aid in research, animation, modeling, web design and other desktop publication functions within the fashion industry.

· Innovation Lab

This lab assists student in integrating both technology and fashion while using the latest technology.

Students also have access to a library that is filled with resources there is high-tech photographic equipment in the photo lab, and students can put their thoughts into action in the design lab and incubation center. The opportunities are endless for students who are serious about becoming successful in the fashion and design industry in Dubai and around the world.

Becoming a fashion entrepreneur in Dubai can be exciting. The foundation learned at The College of Fashion & Design will prove useful over and over as your career blossoms. With knowledgeable instructors and consistent learning opportunities, students are poised for greatness.

For more information on the Bachelor in Fashion Management program, how to apply, transfer information, or to visit the campus, contact an advisor today.


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