Land Your Dream Job: How to Become a Journalist in Dubai

CFD Team
By CFD Team
on February 28, 2017

journalist.jpgWriters are always on the hunt to learn something different. Whether that's through watching the news, reading a book, talking to people or attending an event, there's really nothing that can stop them from saying something new. If you're thinking about becoming a journalist in Dubai and you have a passion for fashion, there are ways to land your dream job. See how fashion colleges in Dubai can be the stepping stone.

More than Meets the Eye

When most people think of fashion, they think of all those oft-repeated names that are featured so prominently on their favorite purses and shoes. But there's more to how fashion works. Those who look beyond just the famous positions will be astounded at the job satisfaction that can be had in every sector of the fashion industry. However, it's not just solely about covering fancy events, it's about digging for the story — wherever it may lie. It's about being creative enough to spot what will get the most eyes on your work, and being able to write on the drier topics with just as much enthusiasm as the more exciting ones.

Taking the Classes

Your career starts with taking the right classes. Your goal will always be to exit school understanding how the fashion industry works in its own little bubble and the wider economy. Classes won't just teach you how to sew an amazing outfit or how to spot the quality fabrics from the substitutes. A real education will give you an idea of how merchandising, styling, advertising, PR and consumer demand all work together to push the next trend or catapult a company into success. The curriculum you need will cover a wide array of subjects, and give you enough information to see the larger picture.

Become a Journalist in Dubai

Once you have the basics down, you'll start to hone your skills at writing. Between blogs, Instagram and Facebook, there are a lot of ways people are accessing the latest news. However, there will always be a need for real journalists. You will be the link to new talent and styles. You'll be the eyes and ears for the public to access all those private parties and events. You'll be expected to start making the right contacts to have a solid sense of where the industry is headed. It's not just fashion mavens who are looking to you, but investors and businesspeople of all kinds who need to know what to expect down the line. With its vast array of cultural influences and talent, Dubai makes it easy to plunge head-first into this truly incredible world, and will give more than enough material to work with.

Speaking the Truth

The fashion schools in Dubai will teach you how to get the truth out in an objective way. Your job is not to pander to companies or to the public. It's about getting people the information they need in a way that they can easily absorb. It's about tightening up your prose so that people don't have to skim your work or feel overwhelmed by superfluous facts. But mostly, it's about having a true appreciation for and insight about what's in front of you, and conveying your love of the news through your words.

The College of Fashion & Design

To have a journalist career in Dubai, you'll need to find a school who recognizes your talent and can point you in the best direction to land your dream job. Once you know what you want, CFD will steer you into the best ways to use your talent wisely. Our school is designed to meet an ever-growing demand for smart and competent people in fashion. We are accredited and dedicated to the art of fashion and design, and we respect every career within the industry.


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