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Land Your Dream Job: How to Become a Luxury Buying & Merchandising Professional in Dubai

Posted by CFD Team on Feb 1, 2017 9:40:45 AM

Buying.jpgSome people only demand the best the world has to offer, whether that's food, music, or clothes. When it comes to fashion, designers everywhere turn out their best creations for the elite to choose from, and buyers ensure that shelves are stocked with what the people want. It's both an exciting and fun challenge for those who are interested in a luxury buying & merchandising career in Dubai. To land your dream job, you will need to learn what it takes to shop for the wealthy and supply them with the fashions they crave.

Fashion Colleges in Dubai

The fashion colleges in Dubai offer courses that allow you to truly understand what a luxury buying & merchandising career in Dubai will entail. These jobs are not just about large-scale shopping, though that's certainly part of it. The fashion schools in Dubai can teach you how to make educated guesses when it comes to what shoppers want now, how much of it they want, and what they're likely to want in the future. This type of forecasting can be tricky, and requires someone who is detail-oriented and tuned into the needs of the wealthy population they serve. The pace of fashion can be faster than light, and buyers need to be ready to adapt to what people want.

Creating the Trends

There are a lot of benefits if you land your dream job as a luxury buying & merchandising professional in Dubai. You'll have a chance to shape the trends that dominate the city and potentially the world. It becomes a balance of what you like and what the customers like when it comes to specific colors, cuts and fabrics. You also have the potential to create names for new stylists (potentially one of your classmates) by stocking their creations. Companies will always be looking for talented people who can spot what will become the hottest items before anyone else can. A buyer with an expert eye can quickly make their way up in the world, and have an opportunity to watch their fashion choices become the next craze. Fashion colleges in Dubai make it easier to accurately predict just how the landscapes will change.

Buying for the Elite

A luxury buying & merchandising professional in Dubai will immediately be plunged into a world of wealth. At fashion schools in Dubai, you will learn about fashion at every budget, but you'll also understand how to identify the best in fabric, cuts and stitching. These clothes are made to last, and should be treated with love and respect. Fashion is the spice of life for so many people, and the chance to wear an outfit is the chance to express themselves to society. You will need to keep their needs in mind at all times, whether you're buying for professionals businessmen or scandalous socialites. Another benefit for buying for the elite is that their choices tend to set the stage for everyone. Trends that start in only the elite circles have a tendency to be adapted for people at every budget as time goes by. So while you may only buy luxury clothing and accessories, you'll see the fruits of your labor around every corner.

Getting an Education

The College of Fashion & Design (CFD) is an accredited fashion school in Dubai, and the only one that devotes their curriculum to those who want to study fashion. Our teachers have already proven themselves in the field, and are ready to pass on what they've learned both in and out of school. Plus, there is real world experience to be had here if you want to a luxury buying & merchandising career in Dubai. We sincerely believe that learning can and does happen everywhere, and we make an effort to exploit every opportunity to impart knowledge.

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