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Land Your Dream Job: How to become a Public Relations Professional in Dubai

Posted by CFD Team on Feb 1, 2017 12:52:00 PM

PR.jpgPublic relations is needed for every industry. In the fashion landscape, designers, brands, magazines, stores and other elements of the fashion all need to have exposure. This is where a public relations career takes shape. In order to land your dream job as a public relations professional in Dubai, it is all about making those contacts that will help your clients become visible to the public. Public relations is about more than just putting out information – it entails shaping the way the public views your clients, and knowing intricate details that can make a difference.

A successful public relations professional in Dubai entails having a foundation on what really goes on behind the scenes of not only the fashion industry, but business as a whole. You must understand textiles, materials, business and more.

Why should I pursue a public relations career in Dubai?

Dubai is poised to become a fashion capital of the world. This is a great place to learn how to build your brand and make the contacts needed from seasoned professionals and up-and-coming designers. With such a cultural diversity in the area, learning from the masses and how to communicate their needs helps build the foundation learned from the curriculum at the fashion schools in Dubai. Students learn leadership, technical knowledge, critical thinking skills and creativity, which is needed in developing the right angles to represent clients.

Can I be a successful public relations professional in Dubai?

Absolutely! Dubai is a great place to begin this career path. Working with other students who are specializing in other areas helps gain experience and longevity in the industry, well beyond what is taught at the fashion colleges in Dubai. Hands-on exposure helps leverage what is learned in the classroom with practical applications to make an impact in this industry.

What do public relations professionals do?

Public relations is continuously evolving, especially with the addition of technology and social media. Public relations professionals accomplish a number of things:

  • They tell the story of your brand or organization.
  • They manage crisis situations.
  • They research to understand the consumer.
  • They write.
  • They plan events.
  • Talk to the media.
  • Find advocates.

These are just a few of the things public relations professionals accomplish. Learning at The College of Fashion & Design in Dubai, they get to use state-of-the-art technology to prepare for a career as a public relations professional in Dubai. They also get to speak with other professionals working in the industry to gain insight and guidance on their next steps to take. The Bachelor in Fashion Business Management program has a wide range of courses focusing on competence, personal and professional development in public relations to ensure the foundation to succeed.

The curriculum has foundational courses, in addition to fashion-based courses to make sure students understand every aspect of the business and the types of clients they will eventually represent. For more information on pursuing a career path in landing your dream job, contact an advisor at the College of Fashion & Design in Dubai today.


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