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Land Your Dream Job: How to Become an Event Planner in Dubai

Posted by CFD Team on Jan 31, 2017 10:17:32 AM

Do you have a desire to become an event planner? Pursuing an education in your chosen career path is the first step in attempting to land your dream job. You should have a foundational knowledge of the career, with hands-on experience gained through your program. There are a number of fashion schools in Dubai, and fashion colleges in Dubai that can assist in making your dream come true.

Becoming an event planner in Dubai

event planner.jpgDubai is quickly becoming recognized as a major force within the fashion industry. That means all the designers and fashion houses look to Dubai and what they have to offer when planning their collections. In order to present these fashions to the public, they will have to enlist the assistance of an event planner in Dubai who understands the culture and is familiar with the surroundings. What is the role of an event planner? Event planners are the go-to people who make things happen behind the scenes. They have a number of tasks to do in order to have a flawless event. In the fashion industry, these individuals are known as a fashion show planner. They select the venue, work with the team, help coordinate the models and more.

The process of coordinating a successful event can be tricky. Event planners:

  • Ask all the questions

When meeting with an event planner, they will want to know the theme of the event, your budget, expected attendance, whether or not there will be food, flowers, lighting, stages, and all the intricate details that go into making an event memorable.

  • Manage the budget

Event planners manage every single penny of the budget to ensure there are no loose ends, or any financial missteps. They are able to coordinate with all the vendors, and provide accurate quotes on whether or not you have enough money to accomplish your goal.

  • Venues

Most fashion planners are familiar with all the venues that will appeal to you based on the type of event you are hosting. They take a number of things into consideration, including weather, time of year, and most of all, how big or intimate the venue needs to be to project the right image.

  • Vendors

Fashion and event planners are also masters at working with vendors who can supply them with everything they need. When planning an event, there are a lot of details that many people do not consider, including type of refreshments, beverages, whether there will be finger foods or a larger meal, if there are models or people backstage, they will also need refreshments. Every element you see, from the flooring to drapery is carefully chosen by the planner and provided by a vendor. They must have very good relationships with people to get what they need, when they need it.

  • Design and Set-Up

When you see beautifully planned events, the design and set-up is done by an event planner. Creative in nature, they have the innate ability to take your concept or dreams and turn them into reality. From lighting to music, they are the first point of contact when planning.

When pursuing an event planner career in Dubai, these are just a few considerations. One of the most important aspects is choosing the right school where you will get the best foundation. The College of Fashion & Design in Dubai carefully prepares students for careers in the fashion industry. Students will not only learn event planning, but the intricacies of what working in the fashion industry entails, in addition to gaining valuable contacts for future use.

For more information on the coursework and offerings to become an event planner in Dubai, contact an advisor at the College of Fashion & Design in Dubai today.


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