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Land Your Dream Job: How to do Business Development in Dubai

Posted by CFD Team on Dec 28, 2016 12:05:00 PM

With Dubai becoming a huge fashion entity, its connections to fashion around the world cannot be denied. Getting in on the ground floor when starting a career is key. How can you land your dream job? Consider a wide range of options available with a degree in fashion.

land_your_dream_job_1024.jpgBusiness development in Dubai is alive and thriving. When researching fashion schools in Dubai, The College of Fashion & Design is an accredited option that can quickly prepare you for a lucrative and successful career in fashion. Once you have the foundation needed to move forward, getting your business development career in Dubai off the ground may be just the thing you need to solidify your dream of being a force within the fashion industry.

There are a number of opportunities for business development, especially studying at one of the fashion schools in Dubai. Although fashion is a wide outlet that can quickly get results, there are other career choices that can benefit from the business development aspect of a career path. Many people consider working for someone, but do not think about the possibilities of creating their own lane through effective business development. Who doesn’t want to be the boss, or even broker a large deal for a fashion house? You can do this and so much more with the right foundation.

What types of careers do people with fashion degrees consider?

Beyond business development, there are a lot of career choices that appeal to the masses:

  • Fashion merchandising
  • Product development
  • Product design
  • Fashion design
  • Manufacturing
  • Styling
  • Accessories Design

For those that want to be on the business side of things, consider the following areas: Brand Management, Strategic Marketing, Business Development, Public Relations, Buying & Merchandising, Retail Management, and Fashion Merchandise Planning.

With fashion schools in Dubai, the possibilities are endless! In these types of programs, students are exposed networking opportunities that will make a difference once they complete their studies. They also learn the intricacies of partnering with other organizations and the nuances of brokering deals. Business development is the foundation of thriving businesses, and helping a designer understand the longevity in expansion and broadening their offerings can make a difference in reputation and the bottom line.

Taking the time to fully consider what it would mean to take the business development aspect of the fashion industry seriously can be rewarding. Students choosing this career path will be able to see how the pros do it, and gain invaluable experience through internships and behind-the-scenes exposure. Programs from fashion colleges in Dubai also offer students a chance to study abroad, providing insight into how other countries use fashion and design, how they utilize textures and materials, and how understanding how other areas of the world work can help build insight and a diverse portfolio.

A business development career in Dubai may also be of interest. Helping others learn how to get things done will give you credibility and assist in guiding someone down a career path they may not have considered. Get more information on how you can help the economy through business development with a degree from one of the fashion colleges in Dubai. Contact an associate at The College of Fashion and Design (CFD) in Dubai today!


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