Land Your Dream Job: How to start a fashion production career in Dubai

CFD Team
By CFD Team
on April 18, 2019

If you are interested in fashion production as a career, the first step is getting the right educational foundation. As Dubai continues to become the ‘hot spot’ for the fashion industry, getting access to resources that will help introduce you to the industry is the first step. 

Why fashion production?

A career in fashion production means you want to work behind the scenes, making sure products are made with the best quality materials, structure and form. With so many different types of fabrics and the green movement making a tremendous impact, this role is one of the most important elements in ensuring fashions are created and shared with the world.

Steps to working in fashion production

There are a few steps needed to begin a fashion production career in Dubai. If you want to work in Dubai, getting hands-on experience in the field is key. This will entail pursuing a Bachelor in Fashion Business Management degree. The College of Fashion & Design in Dubai has a program that will expose you to designers and help you learn the intricacies of fashion, business, and operating in a highly visible market.

Getting your Bachelor in Fashion Business Management

The College of Fashion & Design’s program is comprehensive. A 126-credit program, 63 of those credits are specifically focused on the creative, technical, designing and business skills needed to be successful in this field. Students are engaged from the very first day, with access to a host of activities, seminars and opportunities to connect with industry insiders.
Students learn with state-of-the-art technology, and have a number of labs to encourage the highest levels of learning and productivity:

· Computer Lab

Students learn at Mac workstations that aid in research, animation, modeling, web design and other desktop publication functions within the fashion industry.

· Fashion Lab

One of the most innovative concepts at the university level, students are engaged in a forum where color, fabric and design are presented with an artistic approach. This gives students an opportunity to experiment with new concepts in fashion and design.

· Innovation Lab

This lab assists student in integrating both technology and fashion while using the latest technology.
There is also a photo lab, design lab, and well-stocked library that offers resources to support the learning environment. Students have the ability to conduct extensive research, and collaborate with faculty members who are pillars in the industry to better understand how things work. There is also an incubation center where students work alone or together to conceive and design future fashions and immerse themselves in a simulated area where fashion and design are synonymous with learning.

These are just a few reasons why the College of Fashion & Design in Dubai is a good choice for pursuing a background in fashion production. With study abroad opportunities and other incentives, students get real-world experience that will help prepare them for a successful future.

For more information on the Bachelor in Fashion Management program, transfer information, or to visit the campus, contact an advisor today.


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