Mission Mozambique

Sumaiya Mohaideen
By Sumaiya Mohaideen
on June 11, 2019

For the second year consecutive, CFD students participated in the Mission Mozambique competition in collaboration with the Brazilian University Claretiano. 
Inspired by the African culture, Students designed prints for t-shirts and bags. The winning designs will be mass produced and sold accross Brazil, and the money collected will reverted towards Mission Mozambique.

Here is a brief description for one the winning design made by our student Sumaya, BA in Fashion Design Student.
My design for the Mozambique competition was inspired by four different animals: elephant, leopard, tiger and lion. I combined all the unique features of these animals in one design.
At first, I drew an elephant silhouette and then in the middle I placed the African map. The lion represents pride, in order to show the pride of Africa, I also placed the lions face inside the African map and in the end, I added a black and golden spot of the leopard all over the elephant shape. I painted a tiger print.
The idea was to represent the importance of nature in the African culture.


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Sumaiya Mohaideen
Written by Sumaiya Mohaideen
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