Modest Fashion Week

Sadaf Pappy
By Sadaf Pappy
on April 18, 2019

Modest Fashion Week show took place on March 7 at  Emerald Palace Kempinski. It was my first experience designing a dress for such a big fashion show. Although it was a stressful and challenging experience, the stress came with excitement and fun. I have designed 3 Abayas for the show.  Models were getting ready, makeup artists and hairstylists were all around making sure all the models wear ready, there was an assistant being assigned for each model to make them ready fast and giving them necessary directions and assistance . Each Model holds a specific number. Numbers that represent their turn and when they should show up for the catwalk.

Although it was difficult and challenging, it was a great experience walking with your models and our Abaya designs on the stage. Thanks to CFD for providing such an opportunity for us to represent and utilize our skills in a real show.


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Sadaf Pappy
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