Retail summit

Nikhil Thawani
By Nikhil Thawani
on April 18, 2019

By Fatima Lodhikhan

The Retail Summit is an event organized annually that brings together 800 international heritage players and disruptors from every segment of the sector to explore retail’s convergence with technology, experience and hospitality. This year the retail summit took place on the 13th- 14th February at the majestic Atlantis, the palm. We the students of CFD got the honourable opportunity to work as volunteers alongside the team of Islamic fashion and design council lead by Chairwoman Alia Khan.

We got a lucky chance to interact with few of the world’s leading designers in fashion as well as products and even got to see talk shows held in the conference area where beauty powerhouse Mona Kattan joined Sir Richard Branson on behalf of Huda in headlining the event.

It was an overwhelming experience for us as freshers in this college and already getting such a grand insight into the world of real designer’s industry. We look forward to such events in the near future.


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Nikhil Thawani
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