Spinneys Competition

Jesus Silva
By Jesus Silva
on May 9, 2019
When CFD-Dubai announced the Spinney’s bag design competition, with the theme of healthy living, and the possibility of being sold in every store; somewhat did spark a slight interest. As a person who hates to grocery shop, it was hard to even relate to the idea of designing a bag for groceries, but in spite of still very fit. Anyways, the inspiration behind my Spinney’s bag was simple, create something that shoppers would want to buy and still feel fashionable while being sustainable. The main inspirations are the fruits and vegetables that are always in stock in my fridge and combine it with my favourite type of art paint, watercolours. The reason for the spiral repetition was to hypnotize the shopper to choose healthier options. As a result, the design turned out to be vibrant and a reminder to healthier living.  


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Jesus Silva
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