Spinney's Reusable Bag Competition

Zinah Ahmad Zafeer Issa
By Zinah Ahmad Zafeer Issa
on April 18, 2019

The Spinney's competition is an opportunity where students will be able to showcase their creative side by creating designs for the well-known supermarket Spinneys. Students were requested to create fresh and innovative designs for Spinney's reusable bags. The main theme for the contest was all about promoting the concept of healthy eating, healthy living. The competition consists of three different categories which will increase the students' chances of being selected considering 9 designs will be chosen from CFD! This is a great opportunity that will shine a light on the wide imagination and artistic characteristics the CFD's students possess. Whoever wins, it is certain that their designs and creations were one of a kind.

Spinneys Image-10Spinneys Image-9Spinneys Image-8


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Zinah Ahmad Zafeer Issa
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