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Katrina Yau
By Katrina Yau
on June 24, 2019
My name is Katrina Yau, a fresh student at The College of Fashion & Design, Dubai.
I've visited Dubai for the first time in August 2018, and I wasn't expecting anything big, especially studying here.
I was a communication major undergraduate, looking for an institution that could help with my academic needs. I've researched many institutions and courses but couldn't find anything interesting, when my mom asked me, 'why don't you look for something that you are really passionate about? -- Fashion'. I started looking for fashion schools in Dubai and started making my first creative portfolio. It was a mix of media art composed of watercolors, sketches, acrylic paintings, and oil pastels. After a bit of research, I came across CFD's website and online advertisements for the upcoming spring admission. I applied and submitted my portfolio, and upon receiving those documents I was accepted.
Studying Fashion Design here is like a dream coming true, it's an honor and a privilege! I believe that all the opportunity that the school is giving me will get me where I want to be.
I even got the chance to showcase one of my designs at The Royal Gala, that happened at Palazzo Versace last month. I created my design with the help of CFD's Faculty, and as a fresh student here, It was such an overwhelming feeling being part of a big event. And I believe that by being part of it, pushes me to be my best and makes my end goal clear.

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Katrina Yau
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