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Nikhil Thawani
By Nikhil Thawani
on April 18, 2019

My name is Mehrsa Farzan Mehr and I am from Tehran, capital of Iran. spent my childhood mostly in Dubai between different nationalities and cultures. as a teenager I used to see many fashion shows and whenever I could get the chance to go to the fabric shop with my mom to try and find similar fabrics that designers used in their shows.

The word “Design” was something magical for me, my mom was a big inspiration to me because she knew tailoring and made most of my dresses. I remember she used to ask me for the idea of how the dress should be and the beginning of my love for fashion.

In highschool my major was mathematics and when I wanted to apply for university, I was scared to tell my parents that I want to study fashion and even I was not serious about it. I started studying architecture but fashion was always on my mind so I decided to take the most important decision of my life that was to enrol in fashion school.

My parents were a big support for me at that time and now they are as happy as I am. If I want to say two words that shows my interest in fashion, I definitely say “styling” and “sketching”.

I enrolled in the College of Fashion and Design in Dubai because of the atmosphere where everyone's ideas are respected and freedom to find one's inner talent, from the moment I started studying in this college until today that I’m in my junior year, I am learning a lot from each course and the instructors. They teach us not only how to design, but also to be independent and unique in the way of designing; that’s so important.
From June 2018, My friend and I decided to launch our own line of abaya and ready to wear clothes. I have chosen abaya because of my love for tradition and the culture of this region. It’s so interesting and respectful how Emirati people are keeping this tradition until today and how the young generation is modernizing it in a modest and chic way.

The process of making our first collection was more complicated than we thought. We named our first collection as “warmup” collection as the concept is desert that’s UAE is also famous for. I did a rough sketch of the designs and then I asked my friend to tell her ideas; we changed some parts and the final result is my exact expectation of this collection. First, we decided to use only a beige colour but my endless interest in the colour black changed our decision and we used both black and beige. Black for me is more than colour; it’s a concept that if you don’t use it well, it might turn to something meaningless. Choosing fabric and the good tailor was so time-consuming but worthed when we saw the result. We officially started our Instagram account that’s @zavadesign at Jan 1 2019, I can’t wait to see the customer’s review and opinion about our designs. My goal is to be successful in my business and be different from other designers, also in future expand this brand internationally to show the tradition and the roots of this country.


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Nikhil Thawani
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