Sustainable Fashion: A movement or a moment ? By EEG

CFD Team
By CFD Team
on February 27, 2020

Last week, The College of Fashion & Design participated at the Panel Discussion around Sustainable Fashion, organized by Emirates Environmental Group, hosted by Modul University. Panelists started the event, presenting their overview and experiences related to the topic Sustainable Fashion: A movement or a moment?

EEG chairperson Habiba Al Mar’ashi mentioned for Gulftoday:

“The fashion industry is the third highest polluting industry in the world with three-fifth of clothes being sent to the incinerator in just a year after its production. In the UAE, clothing sales amounted to $12.3 billion or an annual growth rate of 4.8 per cent according to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. With the industry playing such an important role in our economy and national interest, it is high time that the case for sustainable fashion is implemented effectively in the UAE to avert potential effects it can have in an already water-scarce region. The private sector has a crucial role in this industry, as it is predominantly run by them.”

Dgrade Managing Director Emma Barber explained how the company has been operating for the past 10 years in the region producing textiles made out of plastic bottles.

Anjali Lukose, CSR & Business Excellence of Apparel Group, has shared how the company is working on reducing the consumption of plastic, and how they deal with waste by organizing Staff sales. She also pointed out the importance of keeping the consumer aware of waste management and as an example, while buying shoes, leaving the boxes in the store as it could be recycled.

Dr. Rashed Mohamed Karkain, from Dubai Municipality, spoke about how the UAE government is dealing with water waste management from the industrial sector and reusing the water for irrigation.

Angelia Ong’s, Miss Earth 2015, shared about her experience on environmental work on the Philippine-based beauty pageant/foundation ambassadors for environmental protection.

Our Marketing Manager, Jessica Galeano, represented CFD and shared an overview of Sustainable Fashion, the impact of Education in the field, how our college has implemented Sustainable Fashion into our curriculum, as well as working on community engagement to spread the word about the topic.

During the panel, the discussion involved topics such as supply chain, alternatives for packaging involving worldwide shipping for the e-commerce sector, and the importance of educating the consumer regarding clothes ending up in landfills.



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