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The College of Fashion & Design - Dubai: Tuition Fees and Scholarship Eligibility

Posted by CFD Team on Feb 3, 2017 12:23:00 PM

Pursuing a career in fashion is exciting. Dubai is quickly becoming a fashion capital that has drawn the interest of international designers and major fashion houses all over the world. With Dubai poised to have a vested interest in developing the country as a fashion mecca, there are a number of careers in this industry that will need people who are highly skilled and ready to make their mark.

Getting training from a fashion school already in the country is key. The College of Fashion & Design not only trains their students with hands-on experience, but offers study abroad opportunities to fully immerse themselves into fashion at every level.

What types of degrees are available?

The College of Fashion & Design has a number of options for those students interested in a fashion career in Dubai. Students can acquire a Bachelor in Fashion Design (BFD) and a Bachelor in Fashion Business Management (BFBM). There are also a number of learning resources, including the Innovation lab, computer lab, design lab, fashion lab, and photography lab. The college focuses on ensuring students are trained on state-of-the-art technology in order to succeed.

How are students able to pay for attendance?

The College of Fashion & Design has a number of options. Tuition fees are comparable to major universities who offer a fashion-based curriculum. There are also scholarship options for students in need of financial assistance to help alleviate some educational expenses. Scholarship eligibility varies based on the scholarship the student is interested in.

Why would I pursue education in Dubai?

Going to school in Dubai offers something many other schools do not – complete diversity. The college has a partnership with Italy for students to experience something different in an area that has already been recognized as a fashion powerhouse. Students are able to gain insight and understand cultural nuances they may not be exposed to when studying at a university that does not have many different cultures. When pursuing a career in fashion, understanding all cultures is a must.

Studying at a college in an area that is ripe with opportunity is an advantage many students wish to take advantage of. The course offerings are not only aligned with international curriculum guidelines, but students are afforded the chance to work with others who are already in the industry. They get first-hand exposure to up-and-coming designers, and acclimate themselves to the surroundings so they will be successful in their careers once they graduate.

Studying at the College of Fashion & Design in Dubai can be viewed as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Many desire to do something different, but the college helps students realize their dreams can come true. For more information on the curriculum and opportunities available from pursuing an education at the College of Fashion & Design in Dubai, students and parents should contact an advisor to fully outline what is involved and offer solutions on acquiring the finances needed to make it happen.


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