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The Ultimate Dream Job: How to Become a Stylist in Dubai

Posted by CFD Team on Jan 16, 2017 12:00:00 PM

No one can teach you to love fashion: you either do or you don't. But having an intense passion for fashion is not the same thing as getting the job you want in the industry. There are a number of factors that influence this competitive industry, so you may want to have a game plan in mind before you start filling out job applications.

photographer.jpgImmersion Will Be Necessary

Those who want to be stylists must live, eat and breathe fashion. If you're thinking of this field, you should see color patterns everywhere you turn, and be able to spot a new trend from several miles away. Clothing says so much about who we are without having to say anything at all, and there are ways for every person to tweak that message through the choices that hang on the racks and are folded at eye-level. This is the business of wearable art, and living in Dubai means being on the forefront of cultural change. You'll have the chance to be in the center of the world of style.

Get Ready to Branch

Those who love bold colors and expensive fabrics should get ready to learn more about the pastels and polyesters of the world. There is value in learning about every style of dress, depending on which sector of the population you wish to clothe. People who go to fashion schools in Dubai may head into their education absolutely convinced that they will only work with the elite in society, only to find more personal joy in creating fashions the middle-class can enjoy. Ideally, the school you attend should be a place where your creativity is stretched to its limits and back again. You will be expected to achieve A-list fashion out of as few raw materials as possible.

Learning the Business

Many people think that if they're an excellent stylist, they'll be able to build an empire around that talent alone. But the business world does requires more than that on practically every level. Regardless of whether or not you can fill other roles in a business, you'll still need to have marketing and management skills to be able to hire, fire and promote when the time comes. A stylist career in Dubai is not all about pairing fabrics with patterns, but also about how everyone in the industry works together to produce the final product. You will need to have these skills no matter where you start on the ladder.

The Start-Up Way

With so many people looking to create something of their own, it's not easy to make a name for yourself without a solid foundation of what it takes to get ahead. Hard work is just one small piece of the puzzle. You will need to learn more about capital, taxes and labor laws. These skills aren't generally associated with style, but they may be necessary to land your dream job. A stylist in Dubai must be ready to adapt and predict a rapidly changing consumer base as well. Every business needs people who can swing from role to role as needed, but none more so than those just beginning their path to greatness.

Becoming a Stylist in Dubai

Fashion colleges in Dubai are the place to start if you're hoping to be a stylist in Dubai, and The College of Fashion & Design is dedicated to helping you move forward once you graduate. Learn about textiles, construction and merchandising, and strengthen your critical thinking skills along the way. Learn more about how to think like a designer, and which roles you're most suited for. We encourage students to learn wherever they are, whether that's in a Dubai coffee shop or on a runway. We know the demand for quality stylists will only increase over time, and we're here to encourage, guide and inform our students so that they can go out and fulfill their dreams.


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