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What Career Paths Are Possible for Fashion Design Degree Students in Dubai?

Posted by CFD Team on Nov 14, 2016 6:00:00 PM

You Won’t Need to Worry About Putting Your Dubai School Fashion Design Degree to Great Use
Maybe you have chosen to pursue a fashion design degree knowing all of the different types of career options ultimately available. What you and your family might consider for your fashion-focused future is exploring the benefits of attending one of the exciting fashion schools in Dubai, which will help prepare you for all the amazing fashion design avenues available.

What Do Fashion Schools in Dubai Offer That You Won’t Find career path.jpgAnywhere Else?

The wealthy and opulent city—thanks to revenues generated by oil and trade since the late 1970s—offers a breathtaking backdrop for your fashion forward education at one of the leading fashion schools in Dubai. This global city, well-known as a bustling business hub in the Middle East, features a feast for all the senses at once.

As someone who thrives on fashion and beauty—enough to make it your life’s work—you will quickly find that Dubai offers you the potential for large doses of daily inspiration by simply walking out your door. Depending on your view, you might only need to look out the window to experience the ultra-modern city’s shimmering glory to galvanize your fashion education pursuits.

The UAE Has Big Plans for Dubai Fashion Designers with “Vision 2021 – To Become a Global Fashion Hub”
Fashion clearly already has a strong presence in the UAE, especially considering the exciting initiative to become a global fashion hub. Dubai’s premier fashion design schools offer you the core elements that will give you a solid foundation of fashion knowledge while encouraging you to infuse your own creativity and free spirit into your work so you can become a part of helping the UAE achieve this distinction.

Consider a few of the following fashion school features when searching for your ideal fashion design program in Dubai:

  • Encourages students to challenge convention and defy conformity.
  • Houses educational center in world-class facilities.
  • Ensures access to state-of-the-art technology and other fashion-specific equipment.
  • Hires a diverse and experienced global faculty for all fashion studies.
  • Offers an international curriculum that continually grows to meet student desires and industry demands.
  • Gives students the choice of eight distinct fashion concentrations that can lead them in any direction.

Where Can Your Dubai Degree in Fashion Design Lead You?

A degree in fashion design, earned from a thriving and highly modern college in Dubai, combined with your passion for the industry, will give you nearly endless industry opportunities around the world.

Take a quick glance at just a few of the most exciting career paths you can follow upon graduation from a Dubai fashion and design college:

Fashion Design. An obvious favorite career path for fashion school graduates, fashion design studies help you hone your personal craft so you can design and manufacture your own garments to present to the world. You may also join a team for another design when starting out. The more experience and education you can gather, the better for your own future line.

Fashion Buying. Developing a keen eye for emerging trends and learning where to find hot new designers to fit those trends are highly coveted skills in the fashion industry. If you find that you prefer exploring the world of fashion and using your educational background, combined with your acute ability to know what fashion lovers want, fashion buying will suit you perfectly.

Artistic Director. If you want to pursue a career in wedding fashion with other artistic endeavors, consider exploring the work of artistic directors in various industries. This professional path lets you work with fashion in a slightly less direct, yet exciting and satisfying way. You might end up working for a newspaper, magazine, or as part of a television or film production in costuming.

Continue exploring your career options by scanning the following list of exciting career paths in fashion:

Fashion Entrepreneur
Fashion Styling
Fashion Technology and Digital Production
Visual Merchandising
Brand Management
Product Design
Shoes and Bags Design
Fashion Publication Editing
Retail Management
Visual Communications
Fashion Journalism
Fashion Blogging
Fashion Journalism
Fashion Photography
Fashion Promotion
Fashion Show/Event Planning
Public Relations
Fashion/Clothes Production Industry
Accessories/Jewelry Design

Explore Fashion Design Schools in Dubai So You Can Start Your Adventurous Career in Fashion
When you are ready to start your official exploration of fashion schools in Dubai, we hope you add The College of Fashion & Design Dubai in mind. Call us to learn more about how we can help you figure out the best fashion career path for you.

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