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What Career Paths Can a Bachelor in Fashion Business Management Give Students in Dubai

Posted by CFD Team on Jan 9, 2017 3:20:00 PM

shutterstock_275925656_1280x854.jpgChoosing the perfect course of study for a bachelors degree can cause anxiety for students — even those who firmly know they have a love of fashion. Many creative people do not want to focus on the practicalities of how something goes from an idea to a product, but a bachelor in fashion business management degree can open even the most idealistic dreamer to the values of learning more than just the sketching process. It may even turn young people onto an entirely new trajectory in their life. If you're considering career paths in Dubai, then find out more about where you can go after graduation.

Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion stores all over the world need to know which products are going to spark the most interest, and it's the fashion merchandiser's job to know what to get and how much of each piece to carry. Customers and designers sometimes have different ideas about what's best, and it's a fashion merchandiser's job to reconcile the divide . This career path is meant for those who know how to promote fabulous pieces and manage inventory as opposed to participating in the actual design process.

Fashion Designer

Not everyone is dying to be the next household name, but for those who are, the ultimate dream is to start building the empire. Fashion designers have a chance to bring their visions to the world, but they have to know more than just design. Even the biggest talent will need to have some type of managerial and business skills to make it in a very competitive industry. They'll also need to know how to advertise their brand, which means finding a way to be heard above the noise.


Those who write about fashion have to know about fashion first — It's not all about a love of language. From the history of fashion to keeping up with the latest news, it's not possible to simply jump into the position with no formal background. The fashion schools in Dubai prepare students to take their skills out to the real world to cover events, write editorials and get the hottest interviews.

Retail Sales

A good salesperson is still incredibly valuable these days, and the high-end stores always need them to boost their revenue. Part of being a good salesperson is knowing how to talk, and a fashion degree gives you a lot to talk about. This is recommended to those who enjoy working with the public, and want to show off their love of fashion alongside their people skills.

Earning a Bachelor in Fashion Business Management

The College of Fashion & Design understands that part of education is showing students the big picture. Students are given a rigorous education in fashion of course, but also in general business matters like accounting, marketing, hiring, invoicing and management. Whatever career students choose, these skills come in handy at every stage of a career. It not only allows graduates to see how all the moving parts work together, but also to have that extra credential on a resume for when promotions come around. The most valued employees will be those who know it all from start to finish, and our program arms them with the knowledge they need.

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