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What Career Paths Can a Bachelor in Fashion Design Give Students in Dubai

Posted by CFD Team on Jan 2, 2017 3:38:00 PM

1.jpg There is no doubt that Dubai is becoming one of the fastest growing cities in the world. In addition to its glamour and luxury,
 Dubai offers  a seemingly endless supply of platforms for international retailers.


Real estate services firm CBRE ranks Dubai as the second-most important destination for international retailers. As a result, many students aspire to study fashion courses in Dubai because they can't get enough of the glamor of the big city. Whether they're into haute couture or something a little more off the beaten trail, there's always a new way to communicate via clothing and accessories. While this is a perfectly acceptable way to start off in education, the practicalities of the future still need to be considered. We'll tell you more about the possible career paths in Dubai for someone who receives their bachelor in fashion design.

Fashion Marketer

Some people enter college hoping to design, but come away knowing that their real talents lie elsewhere. Marketers are always on the precipice of the next big craze, and they actually have the opportunity to guide the course of the fashion world. Marketers need to have both the love of clothes, as well as the creativity to run campaigns that get eyes on the product.

Product Design

There are those who understand how the pieces of a pattern come together to create a blouse or a pair of pants, and there are those who are obsessed with every detail of the final piece. This person would never dismiss the importance of button placement, stitching choice, or the length of each pocket. Product designers must be extremely conscientious of how the public may wear a variety of pieces, and how to please the wearer without sacrificing on vision.


It is possible to create your own company with a bachelor in fashion design as this degree teaches you more than just color, fabric and pattern. You'll also get lessons in how to sharpen up your managerial and financial skills. If you want your name splashed across purses, luggage and clothes, you'll need to balance innovation with demand. You'll also have to utilize the talent that surrounds you at every stage of the game (from start-up mode to full-blown empire.)

Writer or Photographer

From long-standing fashion magazines to new websites to the ever-present social media, there are a variety of ways to present fashion. These professions need initial talent in either field, but they are significantly enhanced by the fashion courses in Dubai. This city gives you a chance to get a sense of what fashion means from a global perspective. Whether it's photographing fancy tourists or interviewing a young person on the fringes of normality, there's always a new story to tell.

PR and Sales

Public relations ensure that brands stay in the right channels of the public, and they interface with interested parties on a daily basis. The person who does this job has to be extremely good with promotion, networking and even handling major mishaps. Anyone going into PR needs to be able to speak above a lot of noise as the fashion world just gets more crowded every day. Or for something a little less intense, there's sales at high-fashion shops for those who want to share their love of clothes without the pressure of being the company face.

Fashion Assistant or Stylist Assistant

Learning from top buyers or designers can open up a world of career paths in Dubai. These jobs are an excellent stepping stone to the profession you really want, and can introduce you to contacts that would have otherwise been impossible to get on your own.

Earning a Bachelor in Fashion Design in Dubai

Attending the College of Fashion & Design is the first step down a road that will be filled with personal triumphs and learning experiences of every kind. As the only dedicated and accredited fashion and design college in Dubai, our programs are designed to enrich the student with everything they could ever want to learn so they can grow into the leaders they were always meant to become. We encourage each student to find their own path, and work with them to ensure they're getting the support they need.


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