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What career paths can a diploma in fashion and design give students in Dubai?

Posted by CFD Team on Dec 7, 2016 9:05:00 PM

Dubai is quickly becoming a recognized entity within the fashion industry. As a multicultural destination, it offers great potential for those who wish to acquire a diploma in fashion and design. The Middle East is poised to thrive in the fashion industry, and is a safe and secure environment where students interested in the fashion industry can thrive.

career_paths_1024 diploma.jpgFashion schools in Dubai have cultivated partnerships and collaborations with leading designers and entrepreneurs which offer new experiences and opportunities for students to gain international exposure to what is happening in the industry. Fashion colleges in Dubai give students a chance to see different styles, explore new design trends and meet other students in semester abroad programs.

In Dubai, fashion schools and colleges also empower and equip students with different perspectives of the industry, helping them interpret fashion concepts, infuse cultural diversity in their designs, and employ critical thinking skills to enhance their creativity.

Career Paths in the Fashion Industry

Students who are seeking a diploma in fashion and design have a number of career paths in Dubai that may interest them:

  • Fashion Merchandising

Working with retail stores to determine the types of merchandise within the fashion industry that will work well in their entity.

  • Fashion Designer

Designing new fashions, which include a variety of clothing lines.

  • Retail Management

Managing a retail store to assist in getting buyers to purchase the fashions.

  • Sales Associate

Selling the merchandise to consumers in the stores.

  • Creative Executive

Helping create the creative design (look and feel) for the consumer and brand.

  • Junior Buyer

Buying the items that will be featured in a retail store.

  • Styling

Styling the mannequins or live models to attract consumers. This also includes online venues for ad design.

  • Accessories Design

Design of shoes, bags and other accessories that help bring fashion to life.

  • Publications

Working within a fashion publication to bring new fashion ideas and trends to the overall market and consumers.

  • Marketing

Working for a fashion house or designer on marketing their fashions to the general public or major stores.

  • Public Relations

Maintaining effective relationships within the fashion industry to bring awareness of a product or brand.

  • Merchandise Planning

Planning the designs that will be featured from season to season.

  • Product Design

These are just a few career paths that are open to students who choose this career path. The fashion industry can be both challenging and rewarding, and acquiring the right foundation to get started is key. Students can gain valuable experience in the program by completing an internship and getting hands-on experience to apply their practical knowledge. The fashion industry is not only interesting, but very exciting and fast-paced. Being completely immersed in the industry can be rewarding and provide valuable experiences for success in the future.

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