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Which Fashion Schools In Dubai Offer A Degree That Combines Business And Fashion?

Posted by CFD Team on Nov 23, 2016 12:32:04 PM

Business And Fashion: The Perfect Match

Even if you are a creative genius when it comes to fashion design, you will need business know-how to make it in the industry. Conceptualization, design and passion for artistic production are certainly beneficial to the world of fashion, but business makes the fashion world go round. Thus making business and fashion the perfect combination.

CFD business and fashion.jpgThe ability to understand different stages of product construction, quality assurance and marketing are imperative for the development of a profitable business model. As a result, The College of Fashion & Design (CFD) is also focusing on business. Based on the growing demand for critical thinking combined with an artistic approach, CFD knows that students who study fashion business have a higher chance of success.

In fashion, the ability to conceptualize and design often becomes profitable because of business savvy. No fashion mogul becomes successful from creativity alone.

A Bachelor Degree In Fashion Business Management For Real-World Careers

An education from one of the fashion colleges in Dubai helps students hone their talents and learn to create a beneficial product from creative concepts. However, it does not necessarily teach them how to market their designs or make money from them. People interested in fashion should be seeking fashion schools in Dubai that emphasize business.

Since many fashion-based companies initially hire interns and entry-level workers for business-related functions, being single-minded when it comes to fashion can narrow prospects for a student's fashion career in the long run. A bachelor degree in Fashion Business Management from one of the fashion schools in Dubai unites fashion and business to prepare graduates for real-world careers.

Here are a few career opportunities for students who study fashion business and graduate with this four-year degree:

  • Brand managers help ensure that a company’s products stay pertinent and on-trend with targeted customers. As a result, even those who work for clothing companies must have the ability to monitor and interpret market trends if their company will stay ahead of the competition.
  • Marketing managers oversee how a brand or product is marketed. Without business knowledge, it can be difficult to promote even the most perfect fashion line.
  • Strategic marketing analysts evaluate market trends. Their interpretations and forecasts are used to strategically determine the most profitable products for a company and the best way to sell them.
  • Store managers are responsible for the daily operations of commercial establishment’s. Thus, in order to be successful, they must know the in-and-outs of their business.
  • Business development managers must have a nose for new business opportunities, such as potential partnerships, untapped markets and lucrative product offerings. A company’s growth rests largely on the shoulders of these managers.
  • Publicity luxury public relations (PR) experts develop and market PR campaigns for luxurious products.
  • Luxury buyers and merchandisers are responsible for branded buying and strategic merchandise selections.
  • Product development managers oversee the product development functions of a company. Thus, these positions require the analysis of customer needs and the assessment of current products.

Preparing Students To Make A Difference

Many people see fashion as an art, but it is also a science that blends a variety of disciplines. As a result, it is important for fashion educators to be prepared to offer an inclusive curriculum that synergizes art and science. For many staff members at The College of Fashion & Design in Dubai, holding a Ph.D. in a fashion-based field has prepared them to offer well-rounded courses that expound on all sides of the fashion industry to prepare students to be flexible, employable and ready to make a difference.

Giving Students The Tools Needed To Stay Ahead Of The Trends

Students at The College of Fashion & Design in Dubai have the opportunity to participate in cross-discipline learning that is culturally and internationally applicable. In addition, CFD fully supports the Dubai 2021 Vision, which is designed to facilitate the technological advancement of Dubai through the development of tech-savvy, well educated professionals. Thus, CFD has placed an intentional focus on technology and research and development (R&D) as it relates to fashion, so students can stay ahead of current trends.

To keep up with the times, fashion students have to be sufficiently educated in business as well as fashion. The world is constantly changing, and The College of Fashion & Design in Dubai is making sure that their students don’t fall behind.

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