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What Kind Of Portfolio Do I Need For Enrolling In A Fashion Or Design College In Dubai ?

Posted by CFD Team on Nov 21, 2016 5:53:00 PM

If you are planning to attend a fashion or design college in Dubai, you will likely be asked to present a portfolio highlighting your work. However, many students don’t know how to put a portfolio together or what constitutes an impressive compilation.

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Your portfolio needs to be a clear representation of your best work. If it doesn’t showcase your skills, know-how and strengths, it won’t sell you to your college of choice. Nevertheless, putting together a great portfolio is not an impossible feat. It just takes a bit of effort.

Getting Started

Your first task is to review the portfolio requirements of the fashion schools in Dubai to which you would like to apply. Don’t just peruse the requirements. Read every detail and follow the instructions to the letter. Using a generic portfolio for multiple submissions can sabotage you in the long run. You don’t want to show up to an admission interview with material that doesn’t meet the requirements.

If a toile and four designs are requested, bring exactly that. If you are itching to showcase some of your items that don’t meet the portfolio requirements, you can bring them along, but keep them separate.  The college representatives may allow you to present those items as well. However, don’t count on it. Be sure that the requested portfolio truly showcases your skill level without the help of additional items.

Narrow Your Entries

Once you have put aside the items that will be included in your portfolio, take a second look. Compare the requirements directly to each portfolio component. If you notice that a project does not seem to match the excellence of the other items you are showcasing, pull it out and replace it with a project that does.

Be comfortable with your strengths and try to minimize any display of your weaknesses. It’s ok to be stronger in certain areas of design than others. However, you will only want to present your strongest work in your portfolio. If you notice weaknesses in the presented work, so will the admissions boards of the fashion colleges in Dubai.  In addition, be sure that each item is specifically relevant to the individual college.

Select The Right Portfolio Holder

Select a portfolio holder that meets the dimensions required by the school. When it comes to the color of the holder, steer away from overly gaudy or strange patterns. You will have a chance to present your style through the holder’s contents, so select a portfolio holder that displays a solid, neutral color, such as black.  You don’t want an admissions committee to inaccurately judge your book by its cover.

It is also important for the portfolio to look as though it is made from quality materials. Avoid cheap-looking binding and be sure that the sleeves allow for easy content changes. In addition, make sure the portfolio has enough pages to accommodate the required projects.

Present Your Work In A Visually Appealing Manner

Be sure that the work inside the portfolio is presented in an organized and appealing way. If your projects are great but you don’t have a good eye for organization, ask a friend who is great at graphic design to help you to organize your work.


Although your layouts should represent the excellence of your work, so should your grammar and spelling. Before submitting your portfolio, proofread every word.

Meet Digital Requirements

Since the internet is so commonly used for communications nowadays, some portfolio submissions are sent electronically. Nevertheless, even if only a hardcopy is requested, maintain a digital copy for future reference. Still, keep in mind that you may not be able to easily represent the texture of swatches in the digital format.

A portfolio is a great way to showcase your talent. Put your best foot forward and before you know it, you will be enrolled in one of the best fashion colleges in Dubai.


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